Product description

Many women will experience perineal tearing or episiotomy during birth. Multi-Gyn Maternity Compresses offer direct, soothing relief to the intimate area.

The compress is soaked in a natural bio-active gel which is based on the patented 2QR-complex (derived from the aloe vera plant). This unique gel blocks the development of bacteria and prevents infection.

Multi-Gyn Maternity Compresses also support the natural healing process of the skin tissue. The plastic backing creates a moist wound environment which supports and speeds up the natural healing process of the skin tissue.

Directions: Open the sachet, unfold the compress and place the gel side against your perineum inside your pants. Leave the compress in place for as long as desired but for at least ten minutes. Dispose after use.

Multi-Gyn Maternity Compresses are a totally natural product. No preservatives or chemicals.

Where to buy

Multi-Gyn products can be bought without prescription in pharmacies and drugstores in over 40 countries around the world.